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Gramboli’s Is Now Graham’s Pizza in Oaklandon Plaza

We wanted to go back to Gramboli's for National Deep Dish Pizza Day but when we arrived we saw a different banner on the building and sign on the door. At first we thought they were closed until we saw someone walk out with a pizza box. Turns out they just changed the name but have the same owner and same pizza.

It was super low key, but then again it was a Tuesday night. Instead of sports they had HGTV playing with the sound on. The menus were brand new with the new branding, but we noticed all the dishes and descriptions were the same promising Indiana-style deep dish made with extra virgin olive oil.

We started with the pepperoni pinwheels this time and OMG you have to get them they are so good. They are plump spirals of pizza dough stuffed with pepperoni and cheese.

They were cooked to perfection with a golden brown outside and pillowy steamy inside. They were very photogenic and we took way too many photos of the pinwheels.

We split a 14 inch deep dish pizza with pepperoni and bacon. The bacon was on top but the pepperoni was baked into the middle covered in cheese. Last time I complained about the Gramboli Special having a cheese blanked effect that didn't fuse with the toppings underneath. This time the mix was fine and the salty meaty pie held together for the most part.

The crust with extra virgin olive oil is surprisingly greasy for also staying slightly crispy. It's like a greasier version of Lou Malnati's if you've had that to compare. Personally it's not my favorite but Chris loved it - hence why we sought out this place specifically to celebrate deep dish pizza day.

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