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Gas Station Pizza from Casey's

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Biscuit style crust and the perfect ratio of sauce to cheese makes Casey's pizza a staple you can eat again and again.

On our way back from the outlet mall in Edinburgh we got into a 50 minute stand-still traffic jam. Casey's General Store emerged like an oasis and we stopped for a quick hood-of-the-car slice. Chris and I have been fans of Casey's pizza ever since living walking distance from one in Brownsburg.

We haven't had it since starting the blog, and so now is my chance to review a turnstile slice with some stark judgement and intentionality. We'll see how it holds up!

The first thing I noticed about the ready-made pepperoni slice is that the crust is thin, flexible, and rather dry (not in a bad way, just not greasy). In fact, the crust reminded me of biscuit dough, like the kind that you could have with some turkey gravy in the morning. It was very pleasant and provided its own unique flavor to the slice rather than just being a neutral dance floor for the toppings. The piece from the turnstile got a little tougher at the edges and was a little hard from probably sitting around for a while.

Next up, I noticed the pepperoni flavor with little beads of grease on top - just greasy enough to say "hey, I'm here" but not very spicy. The best and most interesting thing for me was the cheese to sauce ratio and consistency. There was enough sauce to taste in each bite, and some would even come squirting out the top through the cheese in places, but not too much sauce that would cause the toppings to all slide off in one piece. The cheese was really locking it down, and the sauce was not dried out or too thin to make an appearance. I think this ratio, along with the biscuit dough crust, is probably why their pizza is so good. It's all about balance.

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