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Fox's Pizza Den for Bites of Boone County

We found out about Bites of Boone County through an Instagram ad and decided to try to get some buzz going about it by sharing it and commenting about it. It feels like it's been so long since Indy had a food week, with things like Devour Indy on hold because of COVID (although spoiler alert it looks like Devour Indy is doing a Winterfest from January 24 - February 6, 2021 that includes Diavola).

Long story short we won a gift card to Fox's Pizza Den and since we had never been it was the perfect chance to check them off our pizza bucket list. We were the only ones dining in at the little Anson-Zionsville location. I exclaimed over something I'd never seen before in a restaurant, a give a slice take a slice pay-it-forward wall with little post it notes.

We started with the Cheesy Breadsticks and they were absolutely superb. They were warm and soft, just the right amount of chewy with a blend of cheeses. This raised the question, do you consider this to be cheesy bread or cheese sticks?

Maybe it was just because we were so hungry, but the cheesy bread almost outshines the actual pizza. We ate it super fast and could have gone for another.

I ordered the Deluxe and Chris got pepperoni and bacon, his usual. The toppings tasted very fresh and the cheese was fine, I think the crust was just a little tough and in some places you sort of had to wiggle your head to rip a piece off.

Overall it was pretty good - the bacon gets a special mention because it was "like hotel breakfast buffet bacon" meaning it's thin cut, crisp, and super greasy - so that gets points from Chris.

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