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Casey's Pizza in Arcadia

How did we celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day (September 5)? By driving 20 minutes to eat pizza in a gas station parking lot. Chris found the closest Casey's General Store is a location up in Arcadia (just north of Cicero).

It was an absolutely gorgeous evening for a drive, and we got there just as the sun was getting low. We brought the pizza bag in case we wanted to try to bring it home with us, but since it was a long drive we just ate it in the parking lot with some fountain sodas.

Chris called ahead and placed the order for a large cheese. Yes they do take orders even though they are known for selling pizza by the slice out of the carousel inside Casey's General Store gas station locations.

casey's general store cheese pizza

The crust is one of a kind, it's a delicious biscuit type crust that is foldable with a hint of buttery sweetness but not too much. It really tastes like biscuit dough to me.

The cheese was an absolute knockout. This cheese is piled thick. It's salty and gooey and greasy real cheese. The biscuit dough goes great with it because it's like a blank canvas that lets the cheese really stand out. We had this last night and we both don't even remember what the sauce tastes like because we were so enamored by the cheese.

We got it fresh made and it came out really hot (duh). For me, I thought the cheese was a bit too melty and drippy and giving it some time to congeal on the ride home might actually make it even better. Don't get me wrong, the flavor was still amazing, but sometimes if it has a little time to set and firm up just a little bit, that could help keep everything together.

A perfect summer evening in Indiana!

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