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Blind Owl Brewery on Binford

I've been driving past this place for years on my way to work and I'm glad we finally got a chance to stop in. Chris was singing the national anthem at the Indy Eleven game and we went here afterwards with our friends Darren and Karl.

It's a huge place, bigger than you would think could fit into a strip mall. We sat on the huge patio, which has plenty of shade from massive orange umbrellas. There is a fenced in yard with bocce ball and corn hole, this place is massive.

We started with the Hot Pretzels, which are two jumbo soft pretzels served with ale mustard and house made beer cheese. The two large pretzels were enough to split between the four of us and the ale mustard packed a spicy horseradish punch.

blind owl brewery pizza

The pizza menu is limited, just 3 named options including the Brewer (sausage, pepperoni, and banana peppers), the Gardener (mushroom spinach), and the Griller (chicken BBQ). We just got a basic pepperoni and bacon.

blind owl brewery pizza

It came cheese-on-top style with crumbly bacon and a thin-ish foldable but sturdy crust. I think the edge to edge cheese made it closest to tavern style but less greasy and not much char. Nothing else really sticks out, it was a decent pie from a place that isn't necessarily known as a pizza place.

Sorry we didn't get more photos, but still wanted to check this place off our blog list!

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