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Big Lug Canteen in Nora

A playful atmosphere with unique variety of beers and creative pizza combinations.

After seeing a few posts from fellow foodies on Instagram, and seeing that Big Lug Canteen (view on map) made the top 48 pizza places by Indy Monthly, we figured this would be a good place for a date night. Since we were social distancing, it was a pretty low key environment but after going there I wouldn't exactly say it's a date night kind of place, it's more like the kind of place you meet friends after work on a Thursday or Friday night.

I'm not sure what this place must have been like before COVID, but the personalized mugs on the wall give me a clue that some pretty serious drinkers come here. They have a huge patio and an upstairs, but we got a nice booth by the bar.

They are known for a pickle pizza, but you know I'm a sucker for mushrooms and with a pizza called "Fun Guy" on the menu I had to try it. Chris and I both noticed their pizza menu is fairly limited which is nice because it's less overwhelming to choose something and shows that they aren't spreading themselves too thin by trying to do everything under the sun.

The Fun Guy pizza has mushrooms, basil, goat cheese, and roasted tomatoes, which made it taste almost like a margarita pizza but with a deeper savory tomato instead of sweet. There were goat cheese crumbles that brought a tangy bite, but I would have liked a bit more goat cheese. Overall the Fun Guy was balanced and creamy but not too heavy, with waves of basil aroma.

The crust was indeed yeasty (on social media they talk about having "fresh boi yeasty doh") so yes it was fresh boy yeasty and foldable but just a little too chewy around the outer edge.

The variety of beers was fantastic, I had three, including my first ever plum sour beer called Ursula. It was sour and bitter and makes your mouth water when you sip it.

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