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Beech Grove Pizza Company

This place will always hold a special place in our hearts because Beech Grove Pizza Company is the 100th pizza place in Indiana that we've visited! This place was recommended by April and when we saw photos online of the quirky nostalgic horror theme we just had to see for ourselves.

The Main Street strip of Beech Grove is very cute and quaint on the southeast side of Indianapolis inside the beltway. On the drive through we even found another pizza place that wasn't on our map yet. We were welcomed by a rainbow flag for pride month and chalk sidewalk drawings.

Inside we sat by the window to get better light for photos, and there are two areas connected by a passthrough between the dining area and bar area. Every wall had a painted mural featuring some kind of nostalgic character from 80's and 90's classic horror movies or just cult classics in general like RoboCop for some reason. Gremlins II was playing on the TV and I distinctly remember hearing the band Garbage's 1998 hit "Push It" playing as background music. I'm definitely the target demographic!

Online listings for this place are a little all over the place. I've seen it referred to as Beech Grove Pizza Co, Scarlet Grove Pizza Pub, Scarlet Grove Public House - I think maybe it started as a restaurant for Scarlet Lane Brewing that started making more of a name for itself with pizza to result in its own branding?

When we sat down there were 3 flies circling the table, and I thought oh no this is going to be a total dive what have we gotten into. Our server was extremely friendly and nice, and once the food started coming out I forgot all about the flies and they mostly kept to the window and chilled anyway.

stuffed breadsticks beech grove pizza company

We started with Stuffed Styx which are your choice of stuffed breadsticks with pepperoni, sausage, or bacon with hot honey. It was a little odd that there wasn't cheese inside the breadsticks, but they were still fantastic with just enough crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

All the pizzas and sandwiches have cute punny names referring to horror or nostalgic films. Chris got the Springwood Slasher (loaded pepperoni) and I got the Eerie Indiana (chicken bacon ranch).

chicken bacon ranch pizza in indiana

The crust was puffy with a good amount of chew but not too much, and the toppings were fantastic. The ranch wasn’t too ranchy it was just right. The crust sort of reminded me of Big Woods, but Chris says it's way better. It's definitely fat on the sides but still sturdy enough in the middle to hold the toppings. I love the pools of garlic butter sauce and ranch as the base on mine.

This is another place that feels like a destination we would take out of town guests, definitely worth the drive to see this quirky place that actually has the food to back up the gimmick!

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