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Amazing Wood Fired Pizza at Ellison Brewing Co.

Last weekend we went to Ellison Brewing Co. downtown just south of the Wholesale District and two blocks east of Lucas Oil Stadium. It has a wrap around patio outside and is up off the street to give a decent view. Ellison was recommended by @jayddsp and included in the Indianapolis Monthly Top 48 and we are just now getting around to trying it!

I couldn't decide on a beer so I tried a flight of brews and some were honestly a little tinny so maybe the keg was just low? My favorite was called Crossroads Hazy Pale.

We started with Wood Fired Garlic Breadsticks, you read that right baby, wood fired! These golden pillows emerge from the flame kissed by garlic and buttery goodness. Soft and lush with a hint of char. I also got the house beer cheese on the side. So good! At this point we were feeling super optimistic that if the pizza crust uses the same dough we are set.

On the drive down I was previewing the menu and saw that on the Slice app their Margherita Pizza is listed as the most popular. That's a good sign, so I jumped on board. The Margherita is slices of fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, garlic and house marinara. The gorgeous slices of mozzarella melted into the basin of golden buttery crust were just amazing. The crisp charred basil leaves were a hint of freshness so that it didn't feel as heavy, but honestly it's all about the cheese goodness.

Chris got the pepperoni pizza which has two types of pepperoni and a three cheese blent with house marinara. He wasn't a fan of the marinara, which is a little chunky and spicy, sort of darker - visually similar to Hot Box marinara. He agreed the crust was phenomenal and enjoyed it overall.

Next time we go we need to try the pretzel bite starter, and I'll probably get the exact same thing honestly it was that good.

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