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Stoney’s Sourdough Pizza Co. in Kokomo

We were looking for more hidden gems further outside Indianapolis and got the inside scoop that this Stoney's Sourdough Pizza place is the real deal. They're up in Kokomo in what looks like an old Family Video store that is now a convenience store for a gas station. I'm a sucker for a pizza wall mural so I had to pose for a photo. Also, I still have people stealing my content so I'm going to link back to my Indy Pizza Blog homepage.

This place has some quirks, nothing too crazy but some things worth pointing out if you are making Stoney's your pizza tourism destination. They have about a dozen bar height chairs against the window, and then two small booths inside the convenience store side. They only have 2 liters because they are mostly a carryout and delivery business, so we went and got 32 oz fountain drinks from the convenience store for $1.50. The public restroom is also located in the convenience store side and it's for customers only (hence, buy your drink over there and then come back to the pizza side to sit down).

The inside is super clean and looks like it was renovated in the past couple years. There were only two employees working in the shop and I think a few more were out doing deliveries. To dine in we got our two pizzas and two sides in about 15 minutes it didn't take long at all.

garlic parm bites kokomo

I was looking this place up on social media ahead of time and knew I wanted to try their Bread Pan Pizza, like a sourdough version of Detroit style. Everything is sourdough, from the regular pizza crust to the Garlic Parm Bites to the sourdough breadsticks.

sourdough breadsticks

The breadsticks were a little dry but had a good flavor and texture. My favorite side was the Garlic Parm Bites - they put them into a bag with a generous amount of parmesan cheese and give them a good shake. There is a ton of extra parm left in the bottom of the bag. Get the Garlic Parm Bites, don't miss out!

detroit style pizza in kokomo indiana

The Bread Pan Pizza with pepperoni, as the name implies, looks like it was cooked in a 9x5 breadpan. This only makes 2 pretty good sized slices of thick pan pizza, so I would either consider this like a personal pan pizza or you could even order the Bread Pan Pizza as a side dish. The sourdough flavor came through stronger in the pan pizza, and it was a perfectly executed Detroit style with greasy golden spongy center and cheese crisps around the top.

The sourdough flavor was more subtle in the regular pizza crust, which was hand tossed style with large foldable slices. We got pepperoni and bacon on half and meat lovers on the other half. The toppings were very good and everything stayed in place - even on the meatlover side with heaps of sausage, pepperoni, ham, and bacon the cheese kept everything glued down so it didn't do that cheese blanket thing where everything slides off at once.

In summary, we loved the sourdough twist that had just enough zing to it without being obnoxious. Our favorites were the Garlic Parm Bites and the Bread Pan Pizza. Worth the 45 minute drive from Indy and that's saying something!

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