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Smokehouse Pizza from Big Woods in Noblesville

My coworkers were raving about Big Woods restaurants down in Nashville, Indiana and specifically mentioned the pizza as a highlight - so I was excited to see there is now a Big Woods in Noblesville. these things have been popping up all over town actually. They have their own brand of spirits (Hard Truth Distilling Co.) and their own craft beer (Quaff On! Brewing Co.), and the interior was modern but with rustic accents like chairs made of branches with the bark still on to give it a cabin in the mountain vibe.

big woods pretzel with beer cheese

Our server was great, I asked for a super hoppy beer and he knew just what to recommend. We started with a huge pretzel with beer cheese dipping sauce. The sauce was okay but it was sort of whipped instead of melty, and the golden brown pretzel was fluffy and warm.

I’m sorry to hear Chris didn’t enjoy his build-your-own pizza, but this is exactly why I go for the specialty pizzas - especially ones marked on the menu as a Big Woods Signature pizza. If the restaurant is claiming this speaks on behalf of their pizza, that's exactly what I want to try.

I got the Smokehouse, which is hickory smoked pulled pork, smoked chicken, fresh mozzarella, mozzarella blend, and shredded cheddar on a BBQ sauce base. The top was smothered in fresh cheese and we got an awesome cheese pull video.

Unlike some places, the cheese on top blended everything together and didn't come off in a big sheet. It was golden and gooey and looked like a lava lamp of different cheeses mixed together. I could barely see the other toppings but that's okay because I could taste them in every bite. It was a savory, smokey, thick, but not too heavy overall experience. The crust held up the weight of all that cheese and I finished the whole medium pizza without feeling too stuffed.

The BBQ sauce base was a huge success, it gave a hint of sweetness without becoming overpowering. It's a BBQ themed pizza that was coherent and balanced in its own way, and not just BBQ pulled pork thrown on a pizza crust. If the Smokehouse was this good I'll have to go back and try the Primal, another of their signature pizzas, which is pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, ham, and a mozzarella blend on a marinara base.

So glad we have Big Woods right in our backyard here in Noblesville!

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