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Pizza from Pickleman's in Noblesville

For our 98th Indiana pizza place we visited newly opened Pickleman's on 146th Street in Noblesville. This sandwich shop also slings fresh pizzas that definitely looked worth checking out. We went on a rainy day during a downpour and found plenty of seating and a nice open layout inside.

The place kinda reminded me of a fancy Quiznos because it has the sandwich toasting oven front and center on the counter where you place your order. The staff was super friendly and I think they were still working some of the bugs out because they were out of pizza sauce when we arrived. They made up for it by giving us free cookies for our wait. We started with garlic cheese bread that came in its own box.

garlic cheese bread on parchment paper

The bread seemed like it's their regular sandwich bread that they toast in the oven on the counter - nevertheless it was fantastic! We got a half order, which is two halves of a loaf. A full order is two loafs or 4 halves of bread total - confused? It was light and fluffy with good bread flavor and even better seasoning. They’re at risk of having their garlic bread outshine the pizza actually!

Next up, I ordered the Asiago Chicken pizza which has grilled chicken, bacon, and asiago dressing. I pronounced it "ah-SAH-jee-oh" and they looked at me super confused for a two count and then asked if I meant "ah-zee-AH-go" (shrug).

The pizzas are all 12 inch pies. The crust is a great balance between foldy and crispy especially for how thin it is. The chicken and bacon were great, but my asiago dressing had big pockets where it was put on thick and tasted like Italian salad dressing. Overall not bad but it's not a destination pizza - it's a great pizza if your friends want to get Quiznos and you talk them into going here instead so you can get pizza.

Chris got pepperoni and he described it as "surprisingly spicy". We both couldn't really taste the flavor of the cheese because either the sauce was spicy or there was so much extra seasoning they put on top. Overall I'd say their garlic cheese bread stole the show!

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