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Oscar's Pizza in Kokomo

My friend Matt from grad school is living up in Kokomo and hit me up on Instagram after he saw we started a pizza blog. We planned a meetup, and when I asked "what is the best pizza place in town?" he said Oscar's without hesitating. Then after Googling it, I said something like "ooooh fun decor it looks super cute!"

Who knew Kokomo had such an adorable artsy downtown and quirky pizza place. Check out these photos, I bet this patio is crawling during warmer weather. We got a big round table in the corner up on a little riser with a view of the whole restaurant, which was actually kinda small inside, but decked out in ornate and bizarre swag. I ordered their finest IPA straight from the can.

We started with 6 garlic knots that were super tiny. Cheap too, 6 knots for $2.75 are you kidding me! Where else in America can you get 6 garlic knots at a sit-down restaurant for under $3.00? The queso blanco white cheese dipping sauce was a nice change from the typical nacho cheese sauce.

I've been on a ricotta kick so I knew I had to go for the meatball ricotta pizza, even though it was considered a tier 3 pizza which is a bit more expensive. Chris got a pepperoni and bacon (of course) Detroit style so that we could see their pizza variety. He's also been on a deeper dish kick lately - if you've seen our Instagram that explains all the trips to Jet's Pizza.

The toppings were great, top notch really. The meatball ricotta includes meatballs (duh), hot Italian sausage, ricotta, roasted red pepper, onion, and mozzarella. Unfortunately the weight of the meatballs was too much for this floppy thin crust and they kept falling off. Even my fold action was no match for the heavy toppings rolling off the tip of the slice.

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