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Impossible to Screw Up Tortilla Pizza

Satisfying that pizza craving in 8 minutes with all the flavor and ingredients I already had laying around. Surprisingly good.

I am not a cook, and I am not very good at ball parking a recipe or estimating cooking times and ingredients - but I'm convinced a tortilla pizza is impossible to screw up! I did try to Google some information first, I found this article on tortilla pizza and this recipe for easy pizza sauce (because all I had in the cabinet was a can of tomato sauce that has been there for years).

I ended up skimming them and not really reading. I got the gist of it, 400°F for between 6 to 10 minutes on a baking sheet.

I didn't even follow the pizza sauce recipe, I just dumped some Italian seasoning and garlic salt into the tomato sauce in a coffee mug - and presto! The sauce was pleasantly sweet, and the baked tortilla itself also had a sweetness to it.

I didn't even use the right cheese, I used Mexican style cheese that I had left over from nachos, and it still turned out great. I'm telling you, impossible to screw up.

One thing I noticed is that the cheese was really bubbling and at first I thought the tortilla would be burnt to heck when I took it out. So if I had any advice it would be to let the edges brown and let the cheese completely melt before starting to get worried. And if you mess up you're out like 25 cents in ingredients, oh no!

This was sort of a tester but I think tortilla pizzas are going to be a clutch move for getting that pizza flavor without all the calories so that we can continue having pizza multiple times a week.

Do you have any experience with at-home pizza creations? Suggestions? Let us know in the comments or DM on Instagram @indypizzablog. See ya!


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