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Home Run Inn Sausage and Mushroom Frozen Pizza

Big chunks of juicy sausage and a doughy buttery crust that is deceptively dense.

I got this Home Run Inn frozen pizza because while I was in the freezer aisle in Target the guy next to me gave me an unsolicited recommendation saying his family loves Home Run Inn. This one has sausage and mushroom on a classic crust. The guy in the store said he likes to just get cheese and add his own vegetables on top, and I noticed that's probably more common than I thought because Home Run Inn features creative additions to their pies on Instagram.

The first thing I noticed is that the cheese on top is frozen but looks like it's already been cooked. It has those little golden brown dots on it like it's been through an oven. I'm pretty sure this is the first frozen pizza I've had like that.

Chris said that made his taste like a re-heated pizza. I didn't notice. This thick boy weighs twice what you think it should with a dense doughy crust like an undercooked croissant in a good way. Probably the best frozen pizza sausage I’ve had, huge chunks, very filling.

Just above the crust there is a gooey creamy section that I can't tell if it's more undercooked dough or cheese or a combination of the two.

My overall impression is the sausage actually has a breakfast sausage flavor to it, not just a vague meaty taste like some oven pizzas. I followed the directions, and the crust wasn't floppy or moist when I pulled it out, but I'm wondering if I under cooked it? The crust definitely has a doughy taste and I'm not sure if it was supposed to rise more or if it really is supposed to be this dense and heavy without being fluffy. I'm not sure, it was still a satisfying pizza.

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