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DiGiorno's Croissant Crust Pizza

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

We fell for the hype and enjoyed regular-ish tasting oven pizza with a slight buttery finish.

The crust itself tastes really good. Not quite as flakey as the photo on the box. Chris says the pepperoni “lacks pep.” It tastes just like any oven pizza until you get 90% through it and then you get a slightly buttery finish in the crust.

I think the reason it tastes like 'regular' oven pizza is because DiGiorno is using their same sauce and cheese so really this slightly more buttery crust is the only difference.

I guess we should have checked the website because even DiGiorno promises "...a familiar, yet unique new take on a classic DiGiorno® pizza." So yeah, I think in our opinion it was too much familiar not enough new take.

Are we missing something? Are there special cooking tricks to get the flakey crust? Let us know if you tried it - Not bad but not rushing out to buy it again. Let me know in the comments if you got the crust to rise or flake more than we did. The concept still sounds awesome.


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