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Chicago's Pizza in Fishers Again and Again

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

The deep dish is more of a pan pizza, but the crust is phenomenal with thick pillowey middle and crispy edges around the outside.

Chris and I have been to Chicago's Pizza in Fishers (view on map) 29 times since they opened in February 2019. Looking back at our credit card swipes, we even went 5 times in the same month for a stint in 2019. Holy cow, that means we've been more than monthly on average since they opened. We're so happy a restaurant is (hopefully) thriving in a location that had seen a lot of turnover in spite of its prominent location along state road 37.

We quickly discovered that their deep dish is our favorite thing on the menu, and we usually split a large and get some cheesy bread to start. Although the name of the restaurant is Chicago's and the menu calls this crust "deep dish" we actually consider it more of a pan pizza by definition. It's actually our favorite pan pizza in the city right now, just not technically Chicago deep dish. You can send hate mail to haha.

This place is inexpensive, and our average bill the 29 times we went was only $26 for the two of us (including tip), granted a few of those were to-go orders that bring the average down, but some were also dine-in multiple beer nights. Speaking of beer, they have these great 22 ounce frosted mugs ($4.99 domestic). I like to get a cheap Pilsner and see the tiny ice crystals form in the beer from the frosted mug. I've also tried the 32 ounce frosted mug but it doesn't stay as frosty so I like the 22 ounce, it's just right.

Okay, what about the pizza? The pan is evenly cooked to the center so it doesn't get soggy in the middle. Toppings go straight to the edge, and we like to eat it with a fork like a slice of pie. They do toppings under the cheese and had an indicator pepperoni on top to show the divide. The toppings themselves are decent but not really the star of the show. The sauce has a pleasant taste that is well seasoned and not too tomatoey - I know that sounds dumb since it's made of tomatoes, but I mean it tastes cohesive like it's well seasoned with Italian spices and not just raw tomato.

Honestly it's the crust that keeps us coming back. The plastic pan they bring out has raised dots to keep the pizza fluffy and prevent it from sitting in its own juices too much. It's light but doughy, airy but plump at the same time. With the crumbled sausage on my side, it was almost more like a meat pie.

Like I said, it's our go-to pan pizza right now! If we find a place that has ingredients with a little more pop this place could be dethroned.

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