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Archer Farms Hawaiian-Style Frozen Pizza

The crust was decent, but the toppings were juvenile and disappointing.

I was excited to try this Hawaiian-style frozen pizza from Archer Farms ever since I found out that Sam Mikulak's favorite pizza is Hawaiian style. He's an Olympic gymnast and he responded to my question about his favorite pizza on Instagram live, so I felt pretty cool.

I think the last time I had Hawaiian style was maybe at a buffet a long time ago, it's not something I have very often, but I'm not anti-pineapple or anything so I thought I'd give it a shot. I guess you could say I'm pineapple agnostic when it comes to pizza.

This pizza was kind of a mess when I took it out of the box, I had to re-arrange a lot of the toppings because they were all piled in the middle, and I only counted 10 pineapple pieces. I wasn't too disheartened though because I saw that the self-rising crust actually rose and was looking good. I took Chris' advice and cooked the pizza directly on the rack but put some aluminum foil on the rack below it in case of any cheese drips.

I have to say the crust was probably the best part - it had sort of a biscuit flavor with a yeasty sweetness.

The toppings were another story. I was pretty disappointed. The pineapple tasted like it was from a fruit cup you'd find in a kid's lunchbox, it was just sweet mush. The Canadian bacon was cut into quarter circles and you could tell the pieces were super small before they were cut, like those little Lunchable meat discs. They didn't really have a taste they were just rubbery bits that slid off when you bit into them.

So that about wraps it up, nothing else to say, I wouldn't get it again. Now I'm actually really interested to find a local place that does a good Hawaiian pizza so I can taste the difference. If they are all like this then no wonder people rage about pineapple on pizza so much.


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