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450 North Brewing Co. in Columbus

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Another day trip destination in central Indiana, 450 North has a gorgeous restaurant and taproom for their one of a kind beers and hearty pizzas. It's in the middle of nowhere, but that's part of the appeal because when you are there it feels like you discovered a hidden gem that nobody else knows about. An easy jaunt over from Edinburgh if you are shopping the outlets.

This place has a gorgeous interior and great beer menu. They are known for their slushy style smoothie beers that are so thick and unfiltered that they look and taste like juice. They have generous sample sizes if you can't decide what you want.

I got a Unicorn Juice that tasted like peach mango and looked like a glass of orange juice. It was a little sweet for my taste so I followed it up with a Helles Bells lager (not pictured) that was excellent.

We started with Garlic Knots, which were actually dough tied into knots. They were fantastic with a firm outside and warm soft inside. They have a glazed sort of rough texture and pull apart nicely.

The pizzas were a massive 16 inches with weighty crust and only came in one size. I was an idiot to order my own personal Honey Sriracha Chicken, but I wanted to try something unique and not just split a pepperoni with Chris. The menu warned me that it would be spicy, but it was way hotter than I thought it would be. I'm usually fine with sriracha but this heat was more like tabasco sauce heat. With the addition of jalapenos it was a big spicy boy for sure! It has sriracha ranch, grilled chicken, bacon, jalapeno, honey drizzle, and mozzarella. The honey drizzle did help cut through the heat a little.

Chris' parents split the Meat Mammoth, which has red sauce, pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ham, and mozzarella. The crust is golden and foldable with a large outer edge to grab onto. If I had to nail it down I'd say it was almost tavern style but with a much thicker crust - they have plenty of grease and heat and certainly aren't afraid to blast the pizzas with some edges even a little burnt - which is why I immediately think tavern style but with a rising crust instead of cracker thin.

Obviously we took leftovers home because we were outmatched. All in all, another great "pizza tourism" destination to try, especially if you like craft beer. But even without the beer, it would still be a fun road trip and cute visit. It looked like they have an on-site reception hall and host events as well.

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