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Indy Pizza Blog Introduction

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Every new blog needs a cheesy introduction, and since this is a pizza blog, prepare for extra cheese (and double pepperoni). My name’s Eric. My husband Chris and I have been eating pizza together since we met back in 2009.

Selfie on top of the balloon at Connor Prairie
Chris and Eric

Chris has always been a pizza lover, and I remember some of our first dating conversations were about KD’s Pizza, his favorite place during college in Ashland, Ohio. When we went back through town on the way to a wedding, we made two stops – the location where he proposed in front of the Education building, and KD’s Pizza.

It’s a huge pie with pools of grease in each slightly curled pepperoni. It leaves lakes of orange liquid in the bottom of the box. We would eat it in his fraternity house on the futon bed and have to put a towel down so the grease from the box wouldn’t soak through. Ah memories.

Chris by the KDs Pizza sign in Ashland Ohio
The ol' stomping grounds Ashland, Ohio

When we first moved to Indianapolis in 2013, we ended up eating pizza seven days in a row. We dubbed it “pizza week,” and from then on used the excuse that we’re just celebrating pizza week when we find ourselves getting carry-out more than a few days in a row. Pizza week is where the idea to create a blog came from.

Eating gas station pizza on the hood of the car in an American flag tank top
Don't knock gas station pizza

I love this photo of Chris eating pizza from Casey’s General Store off the hood of the car – it’s his contact photo in my phone. He’s pouring salt packets over his slice of pepperoni in case you were wondering. We won't judge you if you look down on gas station pizza, but you need to expand your horizons. In Brownsburg, IN our apartment was walking distance from a Casey’s. When we got 21 inches of snow in 2 days, we would take turns trekking through the icy tundra on foot to bring home Casey’s pizza.

Chris surprised me with tickets to Cirque du Soleil “O” in Las Vegas in January 2020 (pre-coronavirus) and we ended up having pizza at 5 different places in 2 days. The above photo is Chris having a slice of New York style in the New York New York Casino. Next is me having a huge slice at a place called Pin-Up Pizza, advertised as the biggest slice on the strip. You can’t tell by the angle of the photo, but it was easily 13 inches long.

So what is this blog going to be about? Personally, I think of it as a journal to help jog my memory about what kind of pizza we had where and what I liked about them. So next time Chris asks, “do you want to go back to [blank] again, didn’t you get a sausage and marmalade pizza there?” I will have something to refer back to. Chris on the other hand is thinking even bigger, he’s looking to score and compare, to review and catalog the pizza places we go to in order go create more of a database.

What kind of pizza do we like? Chris looks for the best of the basics, mostly cheese and pepperoni, in all different crust types. He’s not picky on fancy restaurant pedigrees, and can spot the best slice in any town. Me? I like specialty pizzas. I like new combinations and even unlikely ingredients. Between the two of us, I’d say we represent a wide range of pizza tastes.

We’ll see where it takes us, but we think about, talk about, and eat pizza often enough where this new outlet seemed worthwhile. If anyone is reading this, drop us a line on Instagram and let us know what you think, or recommend a place for us to try @indypizzablog.


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