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Chris' Pizza Philosophy

The perfect pizza has to have a solid foundation, and the Holy Trinity of pizza includes the crust, sauce, and cheese. Do less but do it right!

I think Eric and I are a great team to do these pizza reviews because Eric loves trying all of the crazy pizza combos and I like the basics. I truly believe if a pizza place can't do a typical pizza correctly, they can't do a specialty pizza any better. 

I know down south, they believe that great foods start with the Holy Trinity (onions, bell peppers and celery), but the Holy Trinity of pizza for me is the crust, the sauce and the cheese. Some people might say. "Chris you basically just described a cheese pizza." While that is true, it goes way beyond a basic cheese pizza.

Think of all the different crust types for example. You've got pan, deep dish, Chicago deep dish, thin, hand tossed, traditional, Detroit style, stuffed, flavored and so on. A pizza maker has to successfully execute the foundation of all pizzas before they can start thinking about their specialty pizzas. So if you are like me and like pizza's that are founded on the "basics pizza foundations", then I'm the guy for you.

You probably would not be surprised to hear that I ate pizza EVERY SINGLE DAY when I was in college. It truly is my favorite food that I could not live without and I'm super excited to share more pizza places with those of you who are crazy enough to follow us on this blog journey.

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