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Indy Pizza Blog 2020 Year in Review

This is our Indy Pizza Blog 2020 Year in Review. Chris and I started pizza blogging in July, but I was able to generate a list for the entire year. I’m including our pizza stats and then some favorites and highlights in several categories below.

Methodology: I’m including each restaurant visited, number of visits, date, and amount spent. These are for restaurants only, not including frozen or home made pizzas. Dates are approximate because I’m using the date the transaction posted, not necessarily the day of the visit, so they are off by about 1-2 days across the board.

By the numbers:

  • In 2020 we went to 46 different pizza places, and for 23 of the places (50%) it was our very first visit.

  • In total we got pizza from restaurants 98 times in 2020, an average of 1.9x per week all year long.

  • We averaged 8 visits per month all year long, but our rate about doubled in the second half of the year with 5.8 visits per month in Jan-Jun, and 10.5 visits per month from Jul-Dec. This is because we were still in debt until March, and then got serious about pizza blogging in July.

  • Our most frequently visited place was Little Caesar’s (10) followed by Chicago’s Pizza in Fishers (8) and New York Pizza Garden (8), with honorable mentions to Aurelio’s Pizza in Fishers (7) and Hot Box Pizza (7).

  • We spent a total of $2,601.38 at pizza restaurants in 2020 for an average bill of $26.54 per place. Our most expensive single visit was $101.76 at Bad Dad Brewery because we got a few packs of beer to go.

  • We visited pizza places in 3 states, including Nevada (3), Ohio (2), and of course Indiana (93).

Indy Pizza Blog 2020 Recap
Download XLSX • 28KB

So if I didn't scare you away by now with the rundown of our year of pizza analytics, you can also find pivot tables in the above Excel doc.

Highlights and Observations

The best parts of pizza blogging this year have been breaking out of our routine, and having new places delight and amaze us - we had been missing out all along! It's also been amazing engaging with the pizza-loving community on Instagram, getting personal recommendations, shout outs, and meeting Indy area foodies online.

Favorite New-To-Us Places:

  • King Dough

  • Bad Dad Brewery

  • The Missing Brick

Re-Discovered How Much We Like Them:

  • Greek's Pizza

  • Pizza King

  • Bella Pizzeria

  • Passione

  • Jet's Pizza

Shout Out for Amazing Thin Crust:

  • Monical's Pizza

Shout Out for Amazing Breadsticks:

  • Fougasse bread at Bad Dad Brewery

Shout Out for Real New York Style:

  • Perillo's Pizzeria

  • Amore Pizzeria

  • Bella Pizzeria

Shout Out for Real Chicago Style:

  • Aurelio's Pizza

  • Rosati's Pizza

Shout Out for Overall Experience:

  • Perillo's Pizzeria

  • King Dough

  • Sirrico's Pizza (Las Vegas)

Memorable Moments:

  • The mini road trip to Bad Dad Brewery and feeling like city folk

  • Frosted mugs and patio to ourselves at Chicago's Pizza

  • Cute patio, historic building, and epic cheese pulls at Perillo's Pizza

  • The pay-it-forward wall at Fox's Pizza Den

  • The crazy bathroom and Mad Max vibes at King Dough

  • Realizing that aioli is basically mayonnaise at Mellow Mushroom

  • Eating gas station pizza off the hood of a car at Casey's Pizza

  • Chicken tikka pizza and Indian beer from Chicago's Pizza with a Twist

  • The row of Mercedes convertibles lined up outside Passione

  • Finding the entrance to Rosati's Pizza behind all that road construction

  • The cozy location and friendly service at Smoky's Concession Stand

  • Discovering that downtown Kokomo is artsy and cool

  • Feeling in-the-know drinking Old Style drafts at Aurelio's

  • Both dethroning our previous favorite frozen pizzas

  • Falling in love with mango margaritas and Dough Buds at The Missing Brick

Our Most-Liked Photos:

Appendix: List of Places We Went in 2020

Amore Pizzeria

Aurelio's Pizza

Bad Dad Brewery

Bella Pizzeria

Big Lug Canteen

Blaze Pizza

BoomBozz Tap House

Bronko's Pizza

Byrne's Grilled Pizza

Casey's General Store

Chicago's Pizza

Chicago's Pizza With A Twist

Di Fara Pizza (Las Vegas)

Donatos Pizza

Fox's Pizza Den

Gramboli's Pizza

Greek's Pizzeria

Halftime Pizza (Toledo)

Hot Box Pizza

Jet's Pizza

King Dough

Little Caesars

Marco's Pizza

Mellow Mushroom

Monical's Pizza

Mozzi's Pizza

New Bethel Ordinary

New York Pizza Garden

Noble Roman's Craft Pizza & Pub

Oscar's Pizza

Papa John's Pizza

Papa Murphy's


Perillo's Pizzeria

Pies and Pints

Pin-up Pizza (Las Vegas)

Pizza By The Harbour

Pizza Hut

Pizza King

PizzAroma (Toledo)



Rosati's Pizza

Sirrico's Pizza (Las Vegas)

Smoky's Concession Stand

The Missing Brick

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