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Coming Soon: 3 Indy Pizza Places Breaking Onto the Scene in 2021

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

If you spend hours a day on pizza Instagram like we do, then you might have seen the early stages of 3 emerging pizza places in Indianapolis. They are testing product, staking out locations, and already generating some early buzz.

1. Frankie's Pizza Parlor

Coming to downtown Indianapolis in "early 2021," Frankie's Pizza Parlor will sling New York style thin crust for dine-in, delivery, and pizza by the slice (dine-in only). They'll operate out of the 16 Tech Innovation District inside the Artisan Market Place (AMP) at the new HqO. Their website already lists a menu which includes pepperoni, Meatball Deluxe, and Capocollo Royale seen below.

The restaurant is named after Frank the dog, which is short for Frankfurter, and also the name of their parent company Frankfurter Hospitality Co. Frankie's meats will come exclusively from locally owned Turchetti's Salumeria.

2. Futuro

Coming to downtown Indianapolis in February 2021, Futuro will feature Detroit style, Chicago deep dish, tavern thin, "school pizza" which is slightly undercooked melty cheese and bouncy yeasty dough, along with calzones and vegan options. They've been posting photos of their research and development online, and their sausage and sauce are made in house.

This passionate husband and wife team plan to be open daily with carryout, delivery, and patio service until the staff is fully vaccinated. Check out these amazing photos from their Insta and go sign up for their newsletter.

3. Sam's Square Pizza

Sam's Square Pizza just had their opening weekend as a pop up. They are only open Thursday and Friday, for pre-order only, and have Detroit style with two choices: Pepperoni, and cheese with basil. Salads are being added to the menu soon, and a rumor collaboration pie with Half Liter - I'm hoping it's the "brisky, root beer bbq, and pickled onion pie" Half Liter posted to Instagram (below).

There is so much buzz going already, and the fact that each day is a limited run just adds to the hype and excitement. From what I can tell links to pre-order are posted mid-week and only available Thursday and Friday for now.

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