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Domino's Pizza in Noblesville

Alright this is our Domino's review, we got ourselves a bunch of stuff to try and we were in the mood for some quick easy pizza. We got carry out and brought our own insulated pizza bag to make sure everything got home nice and hot, and the location we went to was only about 5 min away from our house.

dominos pizza boxes on counter take out

We started with the Stuffed Cheesy Bread, which comes in its own rectangular box and is the size of a small child. It appears to be a small pizza folded in half, filled (and covered) in cheese, but the dough is actually more bread like.

Sections of it were airy and other parts were sort of like pizza crust. The cheesy bread is actually cut into slices already but it was hard to tell because it was a big blob.

The stuffed cheesy bread was actually our favorite part of what we got that night! Good amount of cheese with some weight to it.

Moving on to the pizza, I got sausage and mushroom on a hand tossed crust. The toppings were fine, there were enough hunks of sausage and mushrooms spread evenly across the top. The sauce was like paste and the crust was distractingly bad. The crust really dominates my memory of what the pizza was all about. The up-skirt shot of the pizza crust will tell you everything you need to know - it was a compacted sponge with a strong cornmeal taste that was super greasy in some parts and super dry in others.

The sandy cornmeal texture on the bottom was audible against my teeth. I ended up throwing away half of the pizza, I couldn't eat another slice of sandy cornmeal yoga mat.

It's at this point I feel I should justify my negative comments. Chris and I are not fancy restaurant divas looking for mind blowing culinary experiences with pricy farm to table ingredients or imported Italian ovens - we just like pizza and eat it about 3 times a week. We are not above chain restaurants, in fact you can download an Excel spreadsheet (with pivot tables) of our 2020 year in review, and Little Caesar's was our most frequented place.

Not rushing back, we have a list of chains we like better for fast cheap pizza.

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